Imagine you are Gerrard. Tell your friend what happened when the Intruder broke into your house.

[Clues: Describe (i) the intruder — his appearance, the way he spoke, his plan, his movements, etc., (ii) how you outwitted him.]

One day, while I was packing things in a traveling bag, I heard someone bump against the table behind me. As I turned, I was taken aghast to see a man of similar built as mine, dressed in an overcoat and a soft hat. He was pointing a revolver at me. I tried to keep myself calm so as to find out the intruder's motives. He threatened me and said he would kill me and thereafter live his life as me, Vincent Charles Gerrard. He wanted to know everything about me. I tried to delay his plan by telling him a made-up story about myself. I won his trust by declaring that I too was a crook like him and that I could help him to escape. I told him to exit by a door, which actually was of a wardrobe. I pushed him inside and locked him up. Then I got a call from a friend, whom I asked to inform the Sergeant.

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