imagine that you are a journalist

you have been asked to interview the president of the village panchayat

write ten questions you wish to ask

the questions should elicit comments as well as plans regarding water and electricity ,cleanliness and school education in the village

  • sir,it seems to see that your area is quiet clean but what more thing you want improve towards the cleaniness?
  • sir have you establised some public toilets in your area?
  • sir i  have also asked around here it seems that fresh water supply is only for 1 hr in diff. intervels you don't think this should be increased in summers?
  • sir how many fresh water taps are there in your area?
  • sir there is problem there in places in your area about electricity what plans your taking for the betterment of the thing?
  • sir what are the plans about more electricity you promised to people of the area?
  • sir how many scools are thre in your area which provide mid day meal?
  • sir you promised the people for multi speciality hospitals what is the progress?
  • health caimpaigns are organised everywhere how many organised in your area since you are the president of the panchayat?
  • how many schools in yur area teach international languaes?
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sir have ever put your hand together in this swach bharat abhiyan held in your village
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