ii Despite his philosophical insights, the vagabond fails to resist temptations.
What would you attribute this to? Explain with reference to any instance from
the text.
iii Do you think the story reinforces a stereotype that women are more trusting,
forgiving and less practical than men? Comment with reference to Edla?s
actions in the story.
iv What might be the significance of setting the story?s events during
Christmas? Justify your opinion.
Q12 Answer in 120-150 words
i How would you compare the peddler?s actions in relation to the crofter and
Would you say kindness does not always beget kindness, and that the
conditions for receiving kindness are important for it to truly transform
people? Elaborate.
Provide relevant textual details to support the analysis.


Here is the solution to question ii :

ii. Lure and temptation often sets us on a path of ruin. This age old philosophy is well known by all human beings. The philosophical insight of the vagabond was based on this principle and was nothing new. Like men before him the vagabond succumbed to greed and temptation. Despite knowing the repercussions of such a move, greed and temptation makes us blind and emasculates our  ability to think logically. Therefore, the vagabond failed to resist temptations.

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