“If we are not careful then even renewable resources can become very scarce and the non-renewable ones can definitely get exhausted.” What do we do about it?

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We need to conserve our resources to prevent the aforementioned condition. Here's how we can conserve our resources.
The following points may help you:

1. Wastage in the process of mining and processing has to be reduced to a minimum.
2. Exports of minerals should be minimized.
3. Whenever necessary we should encourage recycling of metals.
4. Use substitute to save minerals should be encouraged.
5. Use them in a planned way.
6. Develop a planning structure endowed with appropriate technology, skill and institutional set up for implementing resource development plans.
7. Coordinate the resource development plans with overall national development plans.
8. Establish proper development of infrastructural facilities in mining areas.
9. Industries can reduce waste by using more efficient mining and processing methods.

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