If the Difference of Trial Balance is 860, rectify and prepare Suspense A/c:
5,000 sales proceeds of old machinery had been posted to Sales A/c.
50, the price of goods purchased from Neev, had been shown on the credit side of his A/c as 500.
30, discount allowed by Diya, had been shown in her A/c but not posted to Discount A/c.
A sum of 640 owed by Mr.Rishabh had not been included in the list of debtors.
A/c of Shiv had been with 100 on account of goods returned by him.

Hi Karan

Your query seems to be incomplete. First of all, the difference of trial balance is because of excess balance of which side is not given.
Secondly, the last entry, the goods returned by shiv were debited or credited in the books??

Anyway, for the rest of the entries, the rectification entries have been passed and given below:
Date Particulars L.F. Debit Amount
Credit Amount
  Sales A/c Dr.   5,000  
  To Suspense A/c       5,000
  (Sale proceeds from machinery were posted to Sales Account)        
  Neev’s A/c Dr.   450  
  To Suspense A/c       450
  (Rs 500 has been wrongly credited in Neev’s account instead of Rs 50)        
  Suspense A/c Dr.   30  
  To Discount Received A/c       30
  (Discount received not posted to Discount account)        
  Debtors A/c Dr.   640  
  To Suspense A/c       640
  (Amount due from Mr. Rishabh were not included in the list of debtors)        

In case of any doubt, you can always get back to us.

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