If planning is done carefully and accordingly other functions of management are going in right direction then there is no need of the controlling function of management. Do you agree with the statement? Justify your answer ?

NO. A big no. Planning is a part of the process of management. Its the basic and first step to managing operations, work and people. Controlling is a step consequent to organising and before that comes planning . You cannot skip or reject any part of this process. It has to continue. If your stage of planning is going well, it basically means you're in the right direction but does not mean you could bycott the other procedures which have to be regulated and followed. 
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No. Controlling and planning both r important to do. Planning is waste of time without controlling. Planning is done so that organization can achieve its objective in future.
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no...controlling measures the progress towards goals...monitors it, analyses deviations and takes corrective actions to deal with them...hence it cant be ignored.
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