If light strikes a surface with a force of 1.2 X 10-6 N, then how is the result modified if the surface is a perfect reflector?

If  we consider the particle  nature of  light wave , then we can  easily  assume that when a  photon  (particle) of light  wave strike whit  a surface  it  will transfer  its momentum  to  the surface , hence the  surface will experience a net force .If  the surface is perfectly reflecting then the photon falling the surface will be reflecting back , hence the change  in  momentum  will be twice . So  the force experience  by  the surface (Reflecting ) will also be double .
              Hence force =  2 x 1.2 x 10 6    N 
                                 =   2.4 x 10 6   N

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Light have force, SO COOL. photons are mass less packets of energy
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Photons are a part of particle nature of light. So, they are considered massless. But, when electromagnetic nature of light is considered it is found that it has momentum and energy. So, light has force in electromagnetic nature.
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