If a construction worker, maid-servant, dhobi or a peon in school has absented herself/himself for long due to ill health, find out how it has affected her/his
(i) job security
(ii) wage/salary.
What could be the possible reasons?

i) The job security of the given workers in a case when they cannot perform their respective duties for long gets affected drastically in a negative manner. In most of the cases, they are replaced by some other worker for the performance of their duties. This is because of the excess supply of workers available in the economy who can perform the same tasks for similar wages as earlier.

ii) If these workers absent themselves for a long period, then their wages and salaries are discontinued by their employers. This is because their duties will now be performed by some other worker who will get the wages and salaries instead of them. The reason for such treatment is the nature of their work and  lack of skills.

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