If 1.4 gram of Calcium oxide is formed by the complete decomposition of CaCO3,then amount of CaCO3 taken and amount of CO2 formed respectively

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Please find below the solution to the asked query.

The reaction is:
CaCO3  CaO + CO2
Molar mass of CaO = 56 g/mol
Molar mass of CaCOโ€‹3 = 100 g/mol
Molar mass of CO2 = 44 g/mol
This equation says that
56 g of CaO is formed completely by decomposition of = 100 g of CaCO3
So, 1.4 g โ€‹of CaO will be formed completely by decomposition of = 100 g of CaCO356 g×1.4 g = 2.5 g of CaCO3

Similarly, 100 g of CaCOโ€‹3 decomposes to give = 44 g of CO2
So, 2.5 g of CaCO3 will decompose to give = 44 g of CO2100 g×2.5 g = 1.1 g of CO2


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