Identity the intransitive verbs and compliment..

1-the security guard was snoring loudly.
2-the flight arrived late.
3-he visited the place where the freedom fighter lived.
4-my father is a scientist.
5-Ruskin bond is an author with great imagination.
6-she is jogging around the park.
7-the train arrived just on time.
8-william shakespeare was renowned playwright.
9-the washerman washes clothes regularly.
10-the chef prepared a new dish and served it to the guests.

Dear student,

      Intransitive verb          Complement
1.  was snoring                    loudly
2 arrived                              late
3  lived                                  X
4 is                                   a scientist
5 is                                  an author with great imagination
6 is jogging                        around the park
7 arrived                               just on time
8 was                                 a renowned playwright
9  no intransitive verb
10 no intransitive verb


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