Identify the tense of the underlined verbs in these sentences.

a. We have known our neighbours for a long time.

b. Nandita has been taking driving lessons regularly.

c. Grandma was watching her favourite programme on television.

d. Three days from now, my mother will be sitting in her new office.

e. My children prefer to play outdoor games.

f. Do you think the contractor will have completed painting of this house by next week?

g. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, along with two others, has won the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

h. Somdev Devraman has been working hard on his game.

i. The school will renovate its auditorium next year.

j. The boys and their father had prepared last nights dinner.

1. Present Perfect Tense

2. Present Perfect Continuous Tense

3.Past Continuous Tense

4. Future Continuous Tense

5. Simple Present Tense

6. Future Perfect Tense

7. Present Perfect Tense

8. Present Perfect Continuous

9. Simple Future Tense

10. Past Perfect Tense

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