Identify the benefits and limitations of organic farming.

Organic farming has some notable advantages as compared to the conventional farming. The advantages of the organic farming are as follows:

1. Discards Use of Chemicals: Unlike conventional farming, organic farming is free from synthetic chemicals. The chemicals present in the chemical fertilisers penetrate into the ground water and raises its nitrate content. This cause health hazards and also pollutes the environment. So, organic farming is an environment friendly method of farming.

2. Sustains Soil Fertility: The use of chemical fertilisers leads to erosion of soil fertility. Organic farming discards the use of chemical fertilisers. Therefore, this farming is practiced to produce non-toxic food for the consumers without degrading the soil fertility.

3. Healthier Food: Organically grown crops have high nutritional value than the conventionally grown crops. Also, the demand for organic farming rises rapidly even at a higher price.

4. Inexpensive Technology for Small and Marginal Farmers: The small and marginal farmers constitute the bulk of the farming. Organic farming offers an inexpensive farming technique to these small and marginal farmers.

5. Generates Income from Exports: It generates higher income from exports as there is huge international demand for organic crops.

Limitations of Organic Farming:

Despite the above mentioned benefits, Organic Farming suffers from the following limitations:

1. Organic Farming offers lesser yield than the conventional farming. Therefore, the productivity of the Organic Farming is lower than that of the conventional farming.

2. The popularity of organic farming depends on the awareness and willingness of the farmers to adopt this technology. Due to lower productivity, farmers lack initiative to adopt Organic Farming techniques.

3. The inadequate infrastructure and problem of marketing are the major concerns that need to be addressed to promote Organic Farming.

4. As Organic Farming offers lesser yield than conventional farming, this farming is not financially viable for the small and marginal land-holdings farmers.


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