Identify the adverb clauses and adjective clauses from the following sentences and state them appropriately
1. You may sit wherever you like.
2. The letter brought money which was badly needed.
3. The house that I live belongs to my father.
4. Will you wait till I return?
5. When I was younger, I thought so.
6. I haven’t been well since I returned from Delhi.
7. Do you know the boy who is wearing a red shirt?
8. The explanation he gave was not satisfactory.
9. He returned when the sun set.
10. This is the place where our forefathers landed.

Dear Student,
  1. Wherever you like-Adverb clause
  2. Which was badly needed-Adjective clause
  3. That I live-Adjective clause
  4. Till I return-Adverb clause
  5. When I was younger-Adverb clause
  6. Since I returned from Delhi-Adverb clause
  7. Who is wearing a red shirt-Adjective clause
  8. The explanation he gave-Adjective clause
  9. When the sun set-Adverb clause
  10. Where our forefathers landed-Adjective clause

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i dont knw
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after every verb there is adjective clause
thank you i hope you will get a help from it 
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ans fast
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