(i) Why is "health service" called "Public service"?

(ii) Is adequate healthcare available to all in India?Give one reason to support your answer.

(iii) Costa Rica is considered to be one of the healthiest countries in South America.Give two reasons.

Health service is called Public service because it is the responsibility of the government to ensure health care facilities to the people in general.It is mainly done by the government through money collected from the public in the form of taxes.

Adequate healthcare services are not available to all in India.In rural areas there is lack of proper health facilities. There are no proper hospitals and dispensaries.Even medicines are not available to provide immediate treatment.

1.Costa Rica Government pays enough attention for the promotion of health facilities to the people.
2.Costa Rican Government have utilised its money in health and other basic needs of the people instead of spending it on maintaining the armed forces.

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