"I was not born with a hunger to be free" when did Mandela begin to hunger for it

There is a stark contrast between Nelson Mandela the freedom fighter and the young man who grew up in rural Transkei without a ‘hunger to be free’. Until entering Johannesburg in 1941, he generally did not recognise or resist white oppression. Mandela was destined to be counsellor to the future abaThembu king, not a leader himself. Nevertheless, he encountered discordant notes, suggesting that he could not be a man as long as Africans were a conquered people. His consequent transition to manhood remained unresolved until his involvement in the defiance of the apartheid regime, which signified the attainment of his manhood that had been denied to him in earlier life.
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'I wasn't born with the Hunger to be free' Mandela begin to hunger for it as an adult. When he was a child he thought that he has born free. He had certain needs as a teenager and as a young man gradually he realized he was selfish during his childhood that was not freedom it was being curtailed but freedom for all blacks brothers and sister thus he realized about the true freedom
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