i want to prepare business studies project on change in role of women...

wat r the sub topics? how to write under planning and activities done and observation and findings?

plz explain

The following points provide a broad framework along which you can frame your project.

1. Introduction:  Start with the introduction of early Indian society being a male-dominated society and how the business and entrepreneurship was dominated by the male members.

2. Witnessed Change: Here, explain how literacy and changing outlook of the society influenced by the modern world opened up the gates for women in business and corporate world. You can also state the change in the participation rate for women over the years. 

3. Increasing acceptance of women in corporate world: Explain how the modern business is increasingly accepting women in larger roles in the organisations. You can also state related surveys for the same.

4. Success stories: Here, you can state the success stories of Indian women like Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochhar, etc.

5. Road ahead: To summarise you can explain what lies ahead and what challenges are yet to be achieved.

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