i want to make a collage on the topic organic farming and its bebefit for goa.give me ideas how to do it and go about.along with slogans on the same topic.urgent..need help...

Organic farming involves a limited use of chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, genetically-modified organisms, etc. Sometimes they are not used at all. This system of farming is called organic farming.

Organic farming utilizes farm wastes, bio-pesticides and also involve healthy cropping methods pattern of development.You can easily find the various images of organic farming and its effect on Goa. You can also find slogans and quotes on organic farming and write them in bold handwriting on your collage. Try to use pictures which are colorful are reflect the positive effects of organic farming. Organic farming also promotes the sustainable development, you can also put quotes and pictures related to that. You can  use slogans like-- Organic farming:promoter of sustainable development. Adoption of organic development is a  boon for future generation.

Hope this helps. Good luck for your collage!




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