i want the solutions of radha bahuguna class 11 statistics for economics plzz help me to find one que of mode

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i got my ans
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I want the solution of chapter 7 macroeconomics of class 12 by radha bahuguna
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plz tell me ur question Neha i will help u okkk don't take tension i am here
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and i will also help you krushali if u want
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It is not possible
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Given that median are 23 find out missing frequencies if total number of students is 100. Marks 0 10 10 20 20 30. 30 40 40 50 no of students 8 30 x y 10 chapter 9question 20
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Hello Neha if u have found the solution than tell me from where u get i also want radha bahuguna answers
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Please find this answer

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Mean of weekly pocket money of 40 students is 265 but in the calculation one value was read as 150 instead of 115 find corrected mean
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