I want the answers of activity 2 from ch-1 Developmant of NCERT Economics text book of class 10.....please fast ....I need it urgently.

Dear Arushi,

The answers to Activity-2 of chapter-1 (Development) are as follows:

a. ​The literacy rate for all age groups, including young and old, is __52%___ for rural
males and _19%____ for rural females. However, it is not just that these many adults could
not attend school but that there are _(100-64) 36% males and (100-31)_69% females_who are
currently not in school.

b.​ It is clear from the table that _(100-31)=69__ % of rural girls and __(100-64)=36__% of rural boys are
not attending school. Therefore, illiteracy among children in the age group 10-14 is as high as __(100-39)=61% for rural females and _(100-68)=_32%_ for rural males.

c. ​This high level of illiteracy among __10-14________ age group, even after more than
60 years of our independence, is most disturbing. In many other states also
we are nowhere near realisation of the constitutional goal of free and compulsory
education for all children up to the age of 14, which was expected to be achieved
by 1960.


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