i want list of 25 physical quantities with their cgs and si units ........

its very urgent..............

following are the 25 physical quantities :-

1 mass SI UNIT= kg CGS unit= g

2 length SI UNIT= m CGS UNIT= cm

3 area SI UNIT= msquare (m)2 CGS UNIT= cm square (cm)2

4 volume SI UNIT = m cube (m)3 CGS UNIT= cm cube (cm)3

5speed SI UNIT= m/s CGS UNIT= cm/s

6 time SI UNIT= s CGS UNIT= s

7 temerature SI UNIT= K CGS UNIT= k

8work done SI UNIT= J CGS UNIT= erg

9 energy SI UNIT= J CGS UNIT= erg

10 current SI UNIT= A CGS UNIT= stat A

11 capacitor SI UNIT= F CGS UNIT= stat F

12 force= SI UNIT= N CGS UNIT= dyne

13 electric charge SI UNIT= C CGS UNIT= Fr

14 electric dipole moment SI UNIT= Cm CGS UNIT= debye

15pressure SI UNIT= P CGS UNIT= Ba

16 heat energy SI UNIT= J CGS UNIT= cal

17accleration SI UNIT = M/S2 CGS UNIT= Gal

18 magnetic flux density SI UNIT= tesla CGS UNIT= GAUSS

19MAGNETIC field strength SI UNIT= A/m CGS UNIT= Oe

20 wave number SI UNIT= /m CGS UNIT= k

21illumination SI UNIT= lux CGS UNIT= phot

22 dynamic viscosity SIUNIT= Pa.s CGS UNIT= P

23kinametic velocity SI UNIT= m square per sec. CGS UNIT= stokes

24 magnetic diapol moment SI UNIT= Am square CGS UNIT=emu

25 velocity SI UNIT= m/s CGS UNIT= cm/s

hope u have got.

chEErs!!! :)

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