i want an essey on
"if i would be the educational minister of india what i have done for india's education" i want a speech also for inter school speech compition !!!!!

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- Education is a multifarious concept that aims at the overall development of an individual.
- If I were the Education Minister of India, I would endeavour to improve the system of education.
- I would appoint the youth to canvass aggressively to get all children to complete their primary school education.
- I would try to improve the teacher to student ration in classrooms so that the teacher can give individual attention to all students.
- There would be greater emphasis on sports and games, outdoor activities, excursions and educational trips.
- Students would be given extra points for engaging in social and nation building exercises.
- There would be workshops for teachers to stay current with the global trends in education.
- Vocational training would be imparted in schools and colleges.

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if i would be educational minister i would held 4 compition  two month and every child of India would be awarded . i would  do it compulsory that every school has a laptop or lighter weighing object to  learn in school. every one should learn properly that would be my responsibility. ok parul
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