i) how many light years make up one earth year?

ii) what is the difference between asteroid and meteroid?

iii) does it takes 4.3 earth years or min. for light to travel from Alpha Centauri to Earth?

  1. Light year is a measure of distance, it is the distance travelled by light in 1 earth year that is 365 days.
  2. Meteorites are smaller made of rock silicate or iron nickel that travels in the space and some fall on the earth while asteroids are minor planets or debris that failed to form a planet and they revolve round the sun, in an orbit that is between Mars and Jupiter known as asteroid belt.
  3. Yes it takes 4.3 light years not minute for light to reach earth from Proxima  Centauri.  

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i)A light year is a measure of distance, not time. It is the distance that light travels in one year, about 5.9 trillion miles or 9.5 trillion kilometers.

ii)Meteors are generally small, sometimes the size of dust. Asteroids are also called minor planets are large bodies of stone/metal that has its own orbit. The bulk of the asteroids are in orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

iii)Light from Alpha Centauri travels 4.3 light years to reach Earth. A light year is a unit of distance that light can travel in one year, which is equal to 9.5 trillion kilometers. Alpha Centauri appears as the third brightest star in the sky. However, Alpha Centauri is actually a three-star system that appears as one bright star to the naked eye.

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