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Alia Bhatt: Bhatt of course


Q. You’re being touted as the next big thing even before Student Of The Year (SOTY) has released. Excited?
It’s all happening so fast. When I signed the film, it didn’t hit me. But once we started shooting and I faced the camera for the first time, it hit me like a boulder. I’m nervous. I’m curious to know people’s reactions.
Q. Did you always want to act in films?
Since the time sense struck me, I’ve wanted to be a star. As a child, I enjoyed watching Karisma Kapoor and Govinda dancing on the streets in films. And I’d wonder, ‘How are they dancing here? Who gave them permission? How did they change their clothes so quickly?’ Later, I realised there’s much more to it. I was captivated by the idea of being an actress.
Q. How did SOTY happen?
I got a call from Dharma Productions asking for my pictures. Then I met Karan (Johar) and he asked me to audition for the role. By then Varun Dhawan (filmmaker David Dhawan’s son) and Sidharth Malhotra (ex-model) were already on board. Karan told me I had to lose weight. He put me on a diet programme with Zarine Watson. Five months later we did a test shoot. I still remember the day when Karan gifted me this giant cup cake. I was busy gorging on it, when he told my mom (actor Soni Razdan) that he would be directing the film and wanted me for the lead role.
Q. How was it working with him?
Initially, I was nervous. What if he got angry and shouted at me? It was nerve wracking. Luckily, we started with a fun song. And once we started filming, I realised that Karan is easy to work with. I was pampered on the set. I felt like a star. If I didn’t get it right, Karan was patient. He’d never scream at us. That encouraged me to give more than my 100 per cent.
Q. How was it working with Varun and Sidharth?
Initially, I didn’t like Varun. I thought he had loads of attitude and was arrogant. But now he’s one of my closest friends. Like me, Varun wanted to be an actor since he was a kid. Sidharth was also trying hard and finally something worked out for him.
Q. Who was the better co-star?
(Smiles) It’s unfair to compare them. Varun is loud, commercial, over-the-top and full of energy. Sid is subtle, natural and easygoing. They are different. Varun trained with Barry John and is good at improvising. He has a director’s mindset. He thinks of so many things while acting. Sid is chilled out. He’s never ever nervous.
Q. There have been rumours about you dating Sid and Varun and also a mystery boy in Bandra...
My father (Mahesh Bhatt) had warned me that this would happen. I was prepared for these speculations. What I’m worried about is the expectations. People are just waiting to write you off. I’ve got this platform at an early age. Many girls would want to be in my shoes. I don’t want such false rumours to overshadow my work. I don’t really care about people discussing my personal life. I’m fond of Varun and Sid but no I’m not going out with either. And no, I have no boyfriend in Bandra. A boyfriend doesn’t really fit into my scheme of things right now. (Laughs) My boyfriend is Student Of The Year





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