I have a question who's word limit is exceeding 500 characters and i am not able to post it. What should i do?

Hi Prakriti

​We completely agree with this issue. Typing long questions specifically in Accountancy, where you have Trial Balance along with related adjustments is a tedious process. Hence, to by-pass this and save time, we have an option of upload image of the question. For this, you just need to click the picture of the question and post the same on A&A. 

Follow the below steps after copying the picture from your mobile to your desktop (if you are posting question using desktop or laptop).

 Step 1: Go to the Ask and Answer Segment by clicking on ‘Ask & Answer’ Tab, select ‘Academics’ from the drop down menu.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Image’ icon.

Step 3: A dialog box for ‘Image Properties’ will appear. Select the third option ‘Upload’; choose the file (the image of your question), then click on ‘Send it to the Server’.

Step 4: Preview of your image (question) will appear, Select ‘OK’ if the selected image is correct. 

Step 5: Write a question for the selected image. Click on‘Ask’.

We will be able to see your question in the form of image.

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