i have a doubt: is lemon a vegitable or a fruit

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Lemon is considered as citrus fruits as it is developed from the ovary and contain the seeds of the plant. It is used for making lemon water and frequently used in salads.


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Lemon is classified as a type of fruit mainly because it contains seeds.In botany, a fruit is disclosed as a flowering plant that is derived from specific tissues of the flowers, most commonly one or more ovaries. Fruits are how spread seeds plants. If a plant produces edible fruits, these fruits bearing seeds can be consumed. By contrast, a plant is defined as an edible plant or plant part is a fruit or a seed. A plant is generally the leaf, stem or root of a plant.As we know, lemon is a yellow oval fruit that is used both for culinary purposes as well as non-culinary. The juice is the most common feature that can be used, while the peel and pulp also have different functions.

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