I had I asked a set of questions which contains 2 questions of different chapters and I was suggested by Chary Kalra ma'am to ask the second part of the question in another string, but still now I have not been answered and I want the answer urgently as I have to write it in my assignment tomorrow. So I want her to answer the same. Here is the following question Why were Bandagan favoured by the Delhi Sultans?

Dear Student,

 Bandagans were preferred by the Delhi Sultans because:

a. Bandagans were the slaves which were nurtured by the Sultan, for the purpose of administration specially for military service.
b. They were initially governors in the administration  and were given royal training.

c. They were later elevated to the position of a sultan.

d. In fact Muhammad Ghori gave them a special place in the administration.
e. There were rather extremely talented slaves bought by Ghori.
f. Further,  they remained loyal to their masters, hence were preferred by the Sultans.



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Rather than appointing aristocrats and landed chieftains as governors, the early
Delhi Sultans, especially Iltutmish favoured their special slaves purchased for military
services, called Bandagan in Persian. They were carefully trained to man some of the
most important political offices in the kingdom. Since they were totally dependent
upon their master, the Sultan could trust and rely upon them.
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