I go inside when no one is around.?Where does Saheb go? Why? Why does he go there only when no one is around?
Chapter - lost spring

This line comes from the story named "Lost spring" where the character named Saheb is a very poor rag picker. He somehow sustains his living and wants to enjoy the rich lifestyles that he see as others enjoying.

At a point of time on a winter morning, he kept standing across a fence gate of a club. this was located very nearby and Saheb was seen to be gazing at two young people who were dressed well in white dresses, and they were busy playing tennis.

Even though he too wanted to play, he could not afford this and hence he used to go inside when others would not see him. He would swing and enjoy a little bit of pleasure by the cooperation of the gatekeeper.

In this reference, this was stated.


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