(i)find the probability of drawing a white ball from a box containing 3 white and 5 black balls(ii)in a factory,there are 2 machines A&B producing bulbs.their contributions are respectively 60% & 40% of the total production.it is found that 1%&3% of the items produced by these machines are defective.a item randomly chosen from a day's production was found to be defective.find the probability that the defective item was produced by machine B

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i We have 3 white balls and 5 black ballsHence total balls=3+5=8Probability of drawing a white ball=Number of white ballTotal number of balls=38iiRequired probability=Favorable CasesTotal Cases=Bulb is from machine B ANDDefectiveBulb is from machine A ANDDefective+Bulb is from machine B ANDDefective=40%×3%60%×1%+40%×3%=12060+120=120180=23 Answer

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