i didnt understod action and linking verbs

 Action Verbs are actions in which a person or a thing might be involved. It is known as the main verb of the sentence. Instances of the same are: run, swim, read, fly etc. They can sometimes also express actions which one can't see such as 'think' or 'wish'. They can be time-telling verbs as well. They can tell when an action occurs- in present, past or future. It is a word belonging to the part of speech that is the centre of the predicate and which describes an act or activity.

Linking verbs, on the other hand, implies a state of being or condition for the subject, not an action. It links the subject to an equivalent word in the sentence.It may connect the subject with the noun. It is a verb that is used to connect a subject with an adjective or noun that describes or identifies the subject. The most common linking verb is be. Other common linking verbs are appear, become, feel, go, grow, look, remain, seem, smell, sound, taste and turn.

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English verbs are divided by function into two basic categories: linking verbs and action verbs. Linking verbs are also called being verbs because they express states of being. Action verbs, well, they describe an action. Linking verbs are like giant equal signs plopped into the middle of your sentence.

For example, you can think of the sentence

Ralph’s uncle is a cannibal with a taste for finger food.


Ralph's uncle = a cannibal with a taste for finger food.

Or, in shortened form,

Ralph’s uncle = a cannibal

Just as in an algebra equation, the word is links two ideas and says that they are the same. Thus, is is a linking verb. Here are more linking verbs:

Lulu will be angry when she hears about the missing bronze tooth.
Lulu = angry (will be is a linking verb)
Stan was the last surfer to leave the water when the tidal wave approached.
Stan = last surfer (was is a linking verb)

Here are some linking verbs that are not forms of the verb to be:

With his foot-long fingernails and sly smile, Big Foot seemed threatening.
Big Foot = threatening (seemed is a linking verb.)
A jail sentence for the unauthorized use of a comma appears harsh.
jail sentence = harsh (appears is a linking verb in this sentence)
The penalty for making a grammar error remains severe.
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