I can't understand about the use of adverb of degree

Adverbs of degree tell us about the intensity or degree of an action, an adjective or another adverb.

Common adverbs of degree:

Almost, nearly, quite, just, too, enough, hardly, scarcely, completely, very, extremely.

Adverbs of degree are usually placed:

  1. before the adjective or adverb they are modifying:
    e.g. The water was extremely cold.
  2. before the main verb:
    e.g. He was just leaving. She has almost finished.
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  • She doesn't quite know what she'll do after university.
  • They are completely exhausted from the trip.
  • I am too tired to go out tonight.
  • He hardly noticed what she was saying.

Enough, very, too

Enough as an adverb meaning 'to the necessary degree' goes after adjectives and adverbs.

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