I asked 2 questions of different chapters of History, but I was answered the 1st question by Charu Kalra ma'am, so I request her to clarify the 2nd part of the question. This is the 2nd part: 
  • Why were Bandagan favoured by the Delhi Sultans? 
Please do answer here as soon as possible.

  •  They were special slaves  who were favoured by Iltutmish for their services instead of appointing aristocrats and landed chieftains for their services as governors
  • They were used for  military services as they were purchased for the same.
  • To maintain some of the most important political offices they had to go through some special training in the kingdom. 
  • The bandagans were totally dependent upon their master,hence were trustworthy for their sultan. the Sultan could trust and rely upon them.

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because the sultans trusted them as bandagans were totally dependent on them
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Sorry  to write it here, 
I asked this question, and want only the expert who suggested me to ask this in a different thread. 

Thanking You to all whose ever clarifies my doubt! 
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Sultans trusted them and were also dependwnt on them
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okay then
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