i am  very poor in prepositions.tell me how to prepare for it? 

Here is a definition of preposition: It is a word, one of the parts of speech, that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence.
For instance:
-  The cat is in a basket;
-  I don’t want to go to school today;
-  He leaned against the wall;
-  My mother reached before me, etc.
There are various types of prepositions categorized under various sub-headings.
1) Sim­ple prepo­si­tions:They are sim­ply the prepo­si­tions involv­ing only one word. This is the list of sim­ple prepositions.
About,Above,Across,After,Against,Along,Amid,Around,As,At,Before,Behind,Below,Beneath,Beside, Between,Beyond,But,By,Despite,Down,During,Except,For,From,In,Inside,Into,Like
2) Com­pound prepo­si­tions: These prepo­si­tions con­tain more than one word. Here is the list of most com­monly used com­pound prepositions.
In between, Because of, In front of, On behalf of, In the mid­dle of, According to, By means of, In addi­tion to, In ‚back of, In case of, In front of, In place of, In spite of, Instead of, On top of etc.
Prepositions are also categorized on various other basis.
For instance:
-  Place, which can be explained under examples such as: on the roof, over the place, round the world, within the area, went towards Delhi, etc.
-  Time, which can be explained under examples such as: came before me, into the daylight, lasted through an entire episode, under the rule of the British, etc.
-  Manner, as in worked with eagerness, spoke with courage, etc.
-  Cause, reason, purpose, as died of fever, shivers with fever, took syrup for cold, etc.
-  Possession as the temple of, the girl with glasses, etc.
-  Measure, standard, rate, value, as it was one by the door, interest at 9 %, etc.
-  Contrast, concession, as I accept him with all his faults, after all the attempts, one might fail, etc.
-  Inference, motive, source, or origin, as He was brave from valour, he did it out of gratitude, etc.
Hope it helps!
Best wishes!

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The word that tells the place of the object wethr above or below or on etc. is called preposition.

So by this yopu can identify the preposition in a sentence. For more details search about in google. co. in.


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 iam poor in prepositions please help how to prepare ?

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