I am not able to understand Expenditure on Information for human capiatal formation (sources).Plz do detailed of this.I am not able to understand with study material.Help me..

Let us understand the point from the explanation given in our study material itself. 

Information: The degree of availability of jobs, salaries and admissions related information also play an important role in the determination of human capital. The availability of jobs and admissions related information not only helps the students to opt for the best choice according to their interest areas but also lead to the effective utilisation of human skills and knowledge. Similarly, the availability of medical information and health awareness determine the health of the people. Thus, the expenditure on the spread of information (of education and health) determines the effectiveness and efficacy of human capital.

Information regarding availability of jobs and admissions allow a student to have some preconceived idea of the employment opportunities available in various streams of studies available to him. This allows him to make well informed decisions regarding his choice of study to maximise his chances of getting a good employment opportunity. Also, the information available to him regarding admissions in various institutions allow him to choose the best possible institution by comparing the fees and facilities of different institutions.

hence,  information of jobs and admissions allow human capital of a country to get formulated in a structured manner as the people pursue employment oriented skill sets and education.

Also, the availability of information on health related matters allow the population to generate awareness about different diseases and their prevention. This results in formulation of a healthy workforce and hence, is regarded as a source of human capital formation.

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