how would i complete my whole subject syallbi in one month please give me some tips please it is urgent


Do not lose confidence and you will do well in your examinations. Don't stress yourself. Here are some tips that should see you through the period leading up to your exams.

  • Prepare a  study plan or schedule and stick to it. Here it is important that you prepare the study schedule yourself , keeping in mind your weak areas/subjects and allocating time accordingly. Build in flexibility into your time schedule.
  • Know the syllabi for all the subjects,  in case you do not already know it, and ensure that you are clued in on the updated/latest syllabus.
  • Do remember to take small breaks in between studying as a fresh mind allows learning to be fast and effective.
  • Prepare a fresh time schedule for exam time. Schedule the difficult subjects first and the easy ones for the later days. Study the difficult topics when your mind is fresh such in the morning hours. Schedule your time in such a manner that you complete the syllabus before the exam commences and are able to judiciously use the time available in between the exams for revision.
  • Do practice using previous years’ Solved Papers.Try to solve these papers in the stipulated time thereby creating an exam-like atmosphere. Doing so will help you manage not only your time but also the anxiety levels during the exam.
  • Most importantly, eat healthy and do not lose out on sleep.

Cheers and all the best! 

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