How will the information historians get from old newspapers be different from that found in police reports?

Because these historians are mainly court poets or writers. So they write only that what the King or Goverment says to them but in police it is necessary to keep records so the information in old newspapers is different from police records.

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  1. newspaper reports are based on public saying whereas police reports are based on evidence
  2. newspapers reports the things that affect the public it can be a minor issue but police reports are influenced by govt. and reports only those things that suits them.
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the ingormation historians get from old newspapers is different from that found in  police reports because the news published in newspapers is more correct than the details in the police report. the police wre nearly puppets of the british govt. and recorded details in their favor.


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 The Police reports were not very trustworthy and are different from the information published in newspapers because the police was merely a puppet of the colonial government. They wrote the things in government’s favour only and hid the true facts.

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Reports published in newspaper used to be reliable than the police reports
, Because police were merdy pupeptsin the hand of british government
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the information , the historians got from old newspapper sill be different from that we find in police reports. the police report tell us what officials thoughts , what they were interested in and what they wished to preserve for posterity. these reports do not always help historians understood what other people of the country felt and what lay behind their action. but on other hand, through newspaper issues related to otjer people were debated in public. the old newspaper tell us about other people end teir action
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