How was Gandhian satyagraha taken by the people who believed in his philosophy?


Gandhiji brought in a new fashion of Satyagraha in the popular movement. Satyagraha means asseveration of verity. The main ideal of Satyagraha is through tolerance and Satyagraha an unjust person is made apprehensive of verity and justice and also brings metamorphosis in his views. A person following satyagraha should noway use violence and untruth means, were the training of Gandhiji. 
 Latterly, not only in India but in numerous corridor of the world people espoused the path of Satyagraha to fight against injustice. Gandhi’s path of Satyagraha made an impact on Martin Luther King who was floundering for the rights of the Blacks in America, as well as on Nelson Mandela in South Africa. 

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