how was child labour prevalent in the new industries and factories

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a. Late 18th century and 19th century , is marked by rapid socio , economic changes characterised by technological developments, inventions bringing about change from a domestic system to a factory system.
b. It is identified with the establishment with factories, industries , rise of industrial labour force.
c. â€‹With the changes and development of the industrial societies, railways road networks were widened and developed to ensure easy flow and mobility of raw materials and goods.
d. Children were employed on a large scale in the textile industies.
e. In fact spinning jenny , was used to design in a  manner so that it could be used by children.
f. Children were employed in cotton textile factories as it ensured easy mobility in the factory within the tightly placed machines.
g. In fact it was estimated that approximately 28% of the children employed were less than 14 years.
h.  Children were also made to clean machinery on Sundays.
i. Many of them became easy targets of industrial accidents with some falling on machines, some getting their hands crushed etc.
j. Children were also employed in coal mines,and were sent in the deep , narrow passages within the mines.

k.Young children worked as trappers , they also used to carry heavy coal on their backs.


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