How Virginia realised the significance of life and death and that love is stronger than both? Explain. NO LINKS PLEASE! It's for 6 marks.

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From the ghost's point of view, death brings a release from the everyday trials and tribulations of life. It is a beautiful quietude that envelops him and allows him to behold the beauty of silence and stillness. To lie in the soft brown earth and grasses waving over one's head, that is to take in the richness of nature without any hurry to be somewhere or do something. To be able to listen to the sound of silence that pervades creation. To have no time constraints in the form of today or tomorrow, to forget time altogether and life and just be at peace. Human life is assailed by concerns that vanish once one is dead, there is no need for such concerns. In the Garden of Death, death is considered to be beautiful because it entails lying down on the soft brown earth with grasses waving above one's head and being encapsulated by silence. The chaotic medley of life does not reach there, one listens to nothing but silence. There is no yesterday or tomorrow, one can forget time and life and be at peace.  The meaning of life and the signification of death are both profound truths in their own right. However,the statement here means that love is stronger than the combined significance of the two. Love can surpass the tribulations of life and overcome death because even when people cease to exist, love survives. It can be immortal and eternal as Virginia comes to understand.


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