How to score 100/100 in accountancy? what are the common mistakes students commit that they get 99, 98 etc? Is the narration also evaluated?

Following are the important points that you must make a note of to help you score your best and to distinguish your answers from your fellow mates.

  1. Remember to solve practical problems of all important chapters, covering few topics daily. This will increase your speed in answering the question and also you will be more acquainted with the pattern of questions. Time management is crucial.
  2. For theory questions, stick to word limit. Answer according to the marks the question carries. For one word answers, be precise and to the point.
  3. You can also scan the previous years’ board question papers that are available at our website which will help you know the important chapters and topics carrying greater weight age and you can accordingly emphasize more on those topics.
  4. As you get the question paper, read it thoroughly and don’t panic. Start answering the questions with highest marks and be careful while interpreting the question and copying figures.
  5. Ensure concept clarity and present your answers in a neat and legible handwriting.

Students commonly mis-interpret the question, copy wrong figures, ignore time management. Therefore, you must stress such points. Make your choices intelligently!! Do not waste much time choosing out of options. Go for this plan and in case of any problem, do remember us; as we are always there to help you score better.

Yes, the narration is also subject to evaluation. You must explain narration after recording each transaction in the Journal.

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