HOW TO MAKE SURE WHITHOUT CUTTING ITS ROOT THAT IT IS A (i) Tap root OR  (ii) Fibrous root ?? ...   

We need not cut the root to determine whether it is a tap root or fibrous root. We can just observe the root of the plant and tell which type of root the plant has. 

If the root is in dispersed form with several similar branches with no main thick root, it represents fibrous root. 

If the root of the plant has one main thick root with small branches, it represents tap root. 

Also, we can determine the type of root by looking at the venation of leaves. Plants with tap roots will always have leaves with reticulate venation, while plants with fibrous roots will always have leaves with parallel venation.


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by watching it's leaf if the leaf is having reticulate veniation then the root will be taproot and if the leaves will be of in a straigght veniation then root will be fibrous

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 by watching the venation of the leaves of the plant one can determine if the root is tap or fibrous.if the venation is reticulate then the root will be tap and if the venation is parallel then the root will be fibrous

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we can answer that by seeing the veins in the leaf 

if it is reticulate venation then it is a tap root and if it is parelel venation it is fibrous root

now u had understand this so u can identifie that which root is of this plant that plant

sorry for spelling mistake

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