how to get good marks in class 11th ?

Dear Student visakeshwaran...,

Work hard, do lots of practice work, try to work out things don't hurry at them,Focus on the concepts and most importantly be consistent with your efforts.

hope it helps!

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only by practising and revising

and doing hard labour

don't lose confidence and don't waste time 

utilise every sec towards your study

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learn the concept and make sure that the concepts are clear

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you have to learn the concepts and make sure that the concepts are clear.

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i would just suggest you to stay calm . iknow class 11 will be a bit tough .but trume if u just devote even 1 hr for each subject but with full concentration and thorough with the concepts with proper reasoning for wht you are  studying , i guarantee you will top in your class

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the main thing is dat u have to mainly gain concentration in class and gain the concept in your brain....practising the topic studied in class and revising the topic at night will help you in memorizing it.

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