how to find the third side of a triangle when two sides are given ?
please explain by taking every type of triangle .eg-right  , acute , obtuse triangle . 
take this as urgent

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Consider  the right triangle ABC, right angled at  B.Let AB=3units , BC=4 units.To find AC.By pythagoras theorem, we know thatAC2=AB2+BC2AC2=32+42AC2=9+16AC2=25AC=5 units.So, third side is 5 units.
Note: According to Pythagoras theorem Hypotenuse2=Base2+Height2and here Hypotenuse=ACBase=BC and,Height=AB
Now in case  of acute and obtuse triangle  we cant find the third side when two sides are given  we need some more information such as anglesshould be given or some methods are used  to find the third side when two sidesare given which are taught in higher classes.

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this are very easy the sterare given in your book
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Just use the divider and scale to measure it for acute & obtuse triangle.
Yes for right angle triangle use formula
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the formula is = x + x= 180 
                         x= 180 - x 
                              x= answer
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as per the angle sum property the total would be 180 so we have to add the 2 no.s and then subtract it from 180 to get the desired answer
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