how to convert 20 seconds in 60 degree cant understand

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What do you mean by 20 seconds in 60 degree?I assume you want to convert 20 seconds into degreesWe know that 1°=60 minutesand1 minute=60 seconds1°=60×60=3600 seconds1 seconds=13600 °20 seconds=13600× 20°=1180°In case your question is that what should be added to 20 seconds to get 60°,here is the solution for that:60°=59° 60' 60' means 60 minutes=59° 59' 60'' 60'' means 60 seconds=59° 59' 40+20''Hence 59° 59' 40'' must be added to 20 seconds to get 60°

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actually each degree is divided into 60 minutes so 60 degree is actually 21.6006.
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how r u doing?
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bro see you have 20 seconds
you want to convert this in degress 
see 1 minute=60 sec 
so 20 sec=1/3 minutes
now 1 degree=60 minutes 
so 1/3 minutes=1/180 degress 
so 20 second is actually equal to 1/180 degrees 
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