How to become a movie actor?

Lakshmi, it is good to see that you are an acting aspirant. Good...:-) Over a period of time, acting has been taken up by youngsters as a mainline career stream. At the same time, there has been numerous schools and colleges have emerged that impart acting as one of the major courses. You can pursue a graduation in acting. To name a few eminent acting schools, we have schools run by Subash Ghai (producer of Taal, Pardes, Hero and many other blockbuster movies) and by Anupam Kher. You can refer to the below links for more details and their respective eligibility criteria.

Besides this, if you complete your graduation in any streams, say in Arts, Commerce or Science, then you can apply for National School of Drama (NSD), a fantastic place for acting aspirants. Instead, it is a temple for the actors. NSD is known for producing eminent actors, say, Nawazuddin, Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin, Om Puri, Shah Rukh Khan, Pankaj Kapur, Irfan Khan and the list continues.

But remember one thing, chase your dreams, never let it go off, no one other than you yourself can demolish your dreams. You have to have patience, clam and welcome ups and downs. As of now, you have one fan in your fan club list. 

'If you are a dreamer, you will be a winner'

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