how surplus and deficit budget control inflation and deflation??

The answer given by Pratik is correct. A surplus budget implies that the revenue generated by the government from tax and non-tax sources is higher than the expenditure incurred by it. This reduces the supply of money prevailing in the economy as people are left with less money to spend due to an increase in revenue generated by government from people. A fall in money supply leads to a decrease in general price level and hence, a decrease in inflation. 

The vice-versa of above holds true in case of deficit budget.

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surplus budget controls inflation--
when economy is fighting with inflation then surplus budget is needed as it surplus budget states receipts are greater then expenditure it means more receipts leads to less money in the market means less expenditure which leads to fall in general price level which cut down in inflation.

and vice versa In deficit budget more expenditure leads to cut down in deflation.
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