How Skeleton system helps to our body?Give minimum 6 points.

Skeletal system is the body system which consists of bones, associated cartilage and joints. It serves various functions in our body. Some of these are:

  1. Movement: Muscles are attached to the bones and together they helps in our movement.
  2. Support: Skeletal system provides structural support to our body.
  3. Protection: It protects our internal organs like heart, lungs, brain.
  4. Blood cell production: The red bone marrow produces red blood cells, white blood cells and other blood components.
  5. Mineral storage: Various minerals like calcium  are stored in bones.
  6. Energy storage: Fats are stored in the yellow bone marrow of long bones. 

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   1.    It supports the body and gives definite shape to it.
   2.    It protects the delicate and vital organs of the body like heart, brain, lungs etc.
   3.    Bones serve as a storage area of minerals such as calcium and phophorus.
   4.    Along with muscular system it helps in movement and locomotion.
   5.    Some bones of skeletal system contain bone marrow which produces blood cells

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