how recycle the paper?

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How to Recycle Paper:

Before you learn how to recycle paper, it’s important to know why you should recycle paper. Right now, you might be thinking, “I want to do it because it is the current trend to do so.” I suppose that’s a good reason, but if it’s the only one, then it’s the same thing as a fad. Fads come and go, but recycling is here to stay.

How To Recycle Paper - Easy Green Living

The obvious reason is that the more paper gets recycled, the fewer trees have to get cut down. When a tree comes into a paper mill, it gets broken down in to wood chips that are pulverized into pulp, which is bleached and treated with chemicals (most of them toxic), rolled out into sheets, pressed, and then dried and cut. Areas by paper mills tend to have acid rain. When paper is recycled, fewer chemicals are used in its treatment, thus less acid rain is produced that can eat through car paint and damage crops.


Ways to Recycle Paper

There are various ways to recycle paper, and all of them are very easy. When I was a kid, there was a guy in the neighborhood who would come by and pick up paper that would ordinarily be thrown in the trash. He would roll the paper in logs, tie it off with twine, and use it in his wood burner to heat his house. He received so much paper from the neighborhood that he never had to buy wood. (Which means no extra trees had to be cut down to heat his home.)

Another good way to recycle paper is to use it as compost. My grandfather would save old newspapers and mix them with discarded biodegradable food products. Eventually, they would decay into compost, which he used in his garden. (Don’t try this with colored paper like magazines, they may have toxic ink.) Newspapers recycle the best, and are the best type of paper to reduce to compost.

The most popular way to recycle paper is to leave it for the curbside pickup, or to take it to a recycling center. It’s best to have a paper shredder for this, because it makes the paper easier to put in bags.

How to Recycle Shredded Paper

1. Here are some tips on how to recycle shredded paper. There are three types of paper you will need to separate, office paper, newspaper, and colored paper. (magazines, junk mail, etc).

2. Keep the shredder by your computer, and when you need to discard unwanted office paper, (this is the bleach white paper used in printers), simply run it through the shredder. Keep the newspapers and magazines in separate baskets. (Small boxes will also work if you are basket poor.)

3. When your newspaper or magazine basket gets full, remove the office paper from your shredder, and run the newspapers or magazines through it, putting them in separate bags when you are finished. You are now ready to take the paper to the curb or your local recycling center! See how easy that was?



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