how multi party system leads to political instability?


Multi party system leads to political instability in the following ways-

  1. Multi party system is one where more than two parties are functioning, it provides ample choice to the voters and gives representation to diverse interests.However, one of the major flaws associated with multi party system is that it leads to political instability.
  2. Decision making may take lots of time and involve compromises to accommodate different viewpoint. Thus, at times it may be difficult to reach at a consensus.
  3.  Some times no party comes up with a clear majority in Parliamentary or assembly elections leading to formation of coalition government.
  4. The coalition thus imposes political compulsions on the the Prime Minister who  he has to accommodate interests of various factions and parties which are part of the coalition. If the ruling coalition does not have the required numbers, government falls leading to instability
  5. T​​​​​he Prime Minister also faces the challe.nge of reaching at a consensus on various policy matters. If any party withdraws support, then the prime minister is under compulsion to prove his strength on the floor of the house.
  6. Multi party system creates more factions and divides the votes of the voters and increases the possibility of a hung Parliament.

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