how migration promotes human capital formation

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Migration refers to the movement of people from one place to another in search of food, livelihood, jobs etc. in economics term we can say the movement of people from underdeveloped countries or developing countries to developed countries or developing countries in search of better lifestyle and standard of living. Migration of people adds to the human capital formation as it facilitates the utilisation of inactive and underdeveloped skills of an individual. It helps the underdeveloped countries or developing countries to acquire technical skills, efforts reducing ways and new and efficient ways of performing tasks. These skills and know-how which are often transmitted by the migrated population to the home country not only add to the economic growth and development but also helps in the formation of human capital of the home country. It also enhances the human capital of the country in which the population has been migrated as it brings new ways and skills from their home country to the migrated place which can add to its economic growth and development.


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