how many types of frictional forces are there?please state the exact number.

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Types of friction are static, limiting, dynamic and rolling friction.
Static friction is the force opposing  a push or pull on a body, so that it stays in rest.
Limiting friction is the friction at which a body just begins to move.
Dynamic friction is the opposing force on a body which is in motion.
Rolling friction is the frictional force which helps in a body to acquire rolling motion.
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There are three types of frictions namely

  1. Static friction
  2. Sliding friction
  3. rolling friction 
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hey dont we include drag as a type of force???

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 please tell 

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rolling friction is not a type of friction

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friction force is of 3 types:

1.static friction

2.limiting friction

3.sliding friction

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ya drag is a type of  force

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der r only 3 frictional forces

static friction

rolling friction

sliding friction

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Four types of friction are there:

1. Static friction

2. Sliding or Dynamic friction

3. Rolling fricting

4. Limiting frition

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we don't repeat

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